Helping Small Breweries Solve Big Problems

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Taste your beer and help you identify ways to resolve taste issues
  • Audit your process and help you identify sources of bacterial contamination
  • Taste your beer and help you tweak your recipes to achieve your taste goals
  • Resolve physical problems such as poor lautering, poor filtration, poor clarity, chill haze¬†
  • Help you make design and layout decisions when building or expanding your brewery
  • Help you start up new equipment and systems
  • Help you improve the financial performance of your brewery by eliminating process loss and by improving grain yield
  • Help you maintain and improve the vitality of your yeast strains
  • Help you find ways to promote healthy, vigorous fermentions

Check out Wayne's article in the July/August 2013 edition of The New Brewer - Keys to Fast, Efficient Lautering